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  • P600 Mars Single Bass Drum Pedal

    P600 Mars Single Bass Drum Pedal

    Mars series Bass drum pedals all have solid baseplates and are double-chain driven, resulting in smooth action and incredible durability. Whether you play a single or double the P600 is the place to put your foot down when you need a solid pedal at a...

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  • P500 Single Bass Pedal

    P500 Single Bass Pedal

    With standard features like single-chain drives, adjustable spurs, and reversible beaters, the P500 pedals provide solid performance and durability at a price that™s perfect for younger players making their first step-up pedal purchase. Whether it™s the...

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  • Rebel Bass Pedal

    Rebel Bass Pedal

    Rebel hardware features light duty construction for ease of use and portability and is made of high-quality, durable components. This entry level single bass drum pedal features a chain drive, a felt head bass drum beater, and a spring tension adjustment.

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